Monday, October 26, 2009

I caved in, Took Opinion Outpost $30 Gift Card

Yeah, i know i don't regret it though, as stated before i hit $32.70 and decided to cash out the $30 i made. I am waiting to get some money from survey head, before i make my Amazon Purchase.

Whatever i buy, will be posted here(With pics :D ). I am EXTREMELY pleased with Opinion Outpost at how fast it took to get my gift card. I literally got it in only 15 seconds, that was stunning to me. I checked and it worked so i am definitely pleased.

Anyways, that is all i hope everyone is have a nice day :)


  1. congrats on your giftcard!

    Are opinion outpost good?

    I'm going to sign up under you :) Even though I'm not a hugeee fan of survey sites but it seems like it's a good venture so I'll try it!

    You're blog is coming along great by the way. Keep up the great work!!

    TriNi @ make money online free

  2. BTW. just came back to say that I tried signing up and I got the error message that this email is already in our database lol. Seems like I'm already a member and didn't know it. :/ Sorry about that.

  3. Thanks a lot for the effort though!

    Yeah, make sure you log in and complete your profiles. Once you complete your profiles they will start emailing you about surveys all the time. I get emails from them almost daily, good luck :)