Monday, September 27, 2010

Looking back at a surprising August

Looking back at August, I was on vacation in South America for a week, and had a blast! What an amazing vacation. This is why the August month had a little dip, its no biggie as the $55 visa prepaid card more then made up for it!

I got $55 prepaid gift card from good ol Opinion Outpost, which had a special survey that you had to do daily for a couple of weeks. I took these surveys, a while ago since back in June, however I had to wait 4 weeks for it to ship so that's why I received it so late. Unfortunately I cannot get into details about exactly what it was because almost all of these special surveys you cannot discuss the content with anyone else. Well anyway, thanks to Opinion Outpost, I also made $30 from them this past month. I got $40 from Valued Opinions and I am getting a ton of surveys from them these days which is good. To wrap it up I got a $50 check from Global Test Market. That makes $175 for August which is great! Also, I cashed out for the FINAL TIME on Surveyhead. As I said the last time, they are going to the dogs and I am no longer going to be using them to take surveys.

September has been a little slow but it still looks like it will end with a bang. Christmas is approaching before we know it, here's hoping all the free money will make this a great Christmas to remember, take care!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Another Look back at a great July! Another record breaking month!

Yes, I know I am late again. However great news, I have made for this month, $190! The amount varies all the time, but its great to see i'm headed upward overall.

So much has changed since the last time, you may be thinking where is August, and I will have to make the time to post that as well, I did not realize with my busy schedule that I would have been a whole month behind!

So some things have changed, let me explain. As you know I joined some new survey panels and am close to checking out money for the first time here in September. One of those sites is E-poll surveys they send surveys slow, but there surveys are mostly about media. They also have a variety of ways they pay, both PayPal and Amazon gift cards, my two favorite ways to take money =D

So yes, lets break the money down this month shall we? You have a WHOPPING $100 at Opinion Outpost, $40at Valued Opinions, $25 from Lightspeed Research Panel (Thats is the one from, and $25 from Surveyhead. I am officially after this month done with Surveyhead, they are a pain in the ass, and have become one of the worst survey panels I have joined. It take like a month to two month to confirm your survey and then 4 weeks (why so long) for them to send you the Amazon Gift card via PayPal, such a shame. If they really wanted, they could easily be one of the best survey panels out there. So it gets a big STAY AWAY from me until they get their act together.

Thats about it for this month, will make a post soon about the month of August, take care!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Looking back the the month of June.....Best month Ever! (IM LATE!)

Wow, Im super duper late this month. This post was suppose to be made since the first of July and because of school, work, and a lot of other things, it ended up taking a lot longer. Wow, so anyway the next month of july is nearly done but this time Im hear to talk of June month only. I did pretty well this month, $160 for June!

So great things have happened this past month. There some bad things of course. I'm thinking now of completely forgetting about Surveyhead it takes way too long to cash out there, and with so many alternatives that are better it makes no sense to put my time and effort there. They are also doing nothing to improve their 4 weeks to receive gift card policy. That is insanely long, for example Lightspeed panel takes only 3-4 days and valued opinions and Opinion Outpost create/generate the code INSTANTLY. So I am about to let them go. This month it was $30 at Opinion Outpost, $50 check form Global test Market, Surveyhead $25, valued opinions $20, and $20 from Lightspeed panel. This was the first time I have ever taken Paypal form Lightspped Panel and was STUNNED it took as fast as it did.

Cashcrate is dead, I haven't had any activity there recently it is STILL a great site, and the amount you can make is really high if you put in the effort into it (as much as $1000 a month for hard workers), but as stated I am so busy that I do not have the time to focus on Cashcrate. Hope everyone had a great June, it's monster hot outside, gotta stay out the sun and if you go out drink lots of water. I'll be back soon with my July look back.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Taking a Step forward, but a look back at last Month $141

Wow, I am 7 days late with this post, how has everyone been? :)

Some great news, first of all $141for this month, but guess whats nuts about it? ALL of the money came from Opinion Outpost! I know, that is record breaking the most I ever got from Opinion Outpost in a month was $80 so this smashes the previous record. Remember, if you decide to join Opinion Outpost do all the profiles, or you get no surveys!

So some of you might want to know whats the story with Surveyhead and valuedopinions, the truth? I have no clue myself, For some reason I'm not getting too many surveys (last month) at valued HOWEVER, this month I have already received a ton. SurveyHead, its the same damn problem every month for some reason it takes Jesus years to have the surveys confirm on that site, its starting to tick me off. However i cashed out on the 21st so will receive a gift card very soon. Opinion Place was good this month as well, with $11 in money.

CashCrate has been pretty slow with little to no activity, however as stated before there is no limit to how much money can be made there. Also I have another big announcement, I have joined 4 new sites! Elite Opinions, Epoll, and LightSpeed Survey! Whats nuts is I have ALREADY cashed out on Lightspeed! Really cool site with a easy to use interface, if I had to rate it now it would be second after Opinions Outpost I don't want to get too happy and claim that yet, lets see how the first month will go.

I am also going to let you guys know, I have another important post coming up it will be about items that you get to test on some of these survey sites, and other cool things that I have done on the survey sites outside of just taking surveys, wait for it soon as I am sure you guys will enjoy it. Hope everyone had a great May, its gonna get hot this month (Literally!).

Monday, May 3, 2010

Great Month, $131 for April! Looking Back at April

Wow, I do not even get to post as much as I use to. Sorry guys, I have been busy with school and many other things so I have not got a lot of time to post like I use to however this was a great month!
$131 is not a bad way to go, $20 from Valued Opinions, and Opinion Outpost. Then I made $16 this month at Opinion Place, $25 at Survey Head, and the one that really blew up the price was Global Test Market after cashing out my $50 check (finally!). I will note however, I do not really think that Global Test Market is worth the hassle it took me 4 weeks and a hlaf to get my check and it took me about 3 month just to acumlate this month. HOWEVER I am close to cashing out again at Global! But then the same problem happens again, I have to wait 5 weeeks to get the check all over again.
I will be cashing out this month for SURE on Cashcrate, I also won a contest on Cashcrate! For $25! They will be sending me a $25 Amazon Gift card it was a pretty cool thing April was the 4th year anniversary of Cashcrate truly an amazing and generous site!
Lets see, I have more then $50 at Opinion Outpost already! Im not ready to cashout yet though, I am saving up that money for something big that I want to buy (A printer) so I will probably do pretty well at Opinion Oupost this month. Valued Opinions I have more then $15 pending so I should also be cashing out there again as well this month. Survey Head is getting frustrating they are taking TOO long to confirm the surveys (sometimes like more then a month) and its starting to tick me off (kind of unusual for me :p). Opinion Place continues to impress me I LOVE the way they pay via Paypal, soon I am going to start looking around for another Website that pays via Paypal because I have a Paypal debit card (as seen in the pic) and I think its convenient to have that extra cash on hand.
I hope everyone had a great April and was fooled too badly by anyone! Lets make this a great May!

Monday, March 29, 2010

$118 In March, looking back at a Busy March

Not bad, for the month of March. First of all let me start by saying that this was probably the busiest month when it came to the amount of payments that I have received, from different sites. I received payments from EVERYONE. Valued Opinions, Opinion Outpost, Surveyhead, CashCrate, and even the all new Opinion Place that I recently joined.

I am pleased with all of the recent progress. Things seem to be coming along nicely, and I am still looking around for one or more new ways to make money online. I am an Amazon Prime member, and I am also a PayPal user, so I always prefer these methods over every other payment types as they also come the most fastest as well. I did my thing on CashCrate this month and Made $24 which is great though I plan on doing bigger things there soon, as I said before the amount you can make on CashCrate is pretty high it can range from anywhere to $20 a month to as much as $2000, which there are members that do indeed make that much, if you go to the site, you can check on there all new Payment Wall.

Surveyhead was $25, but like always they took quite a while to email the Gift card (3 weeks). On Opinion Outpost however, I made $35 this month. Not too bad considering I am already back at $20. That is the huge advantage that Opinion Outpost has over Surveyhead though, the fact that the survey confirms immediately, and the Gift cards are available right away, it makes an automatic code for you to use, really cool stuff. REMEMBER though, for those that join, any of these survey sites you have to do profiles, if you do not do profiles the companies do not know what kind of surveys to send you and you will not get surveys, so remember PROFILES! Valued Opinions I got the $20 gift card and it took a couple of days to get it, as there is an automatic Gift card system (like Opinion Outpost), however for some reason all of the Amazon Gift cards were already claimed, so you typically have to wait some time for them to load back more codes in the system. So yes, a very busy month with my normal sites.

However, as seen in one of the pictures, I was paid by Opinion Place already (Owned by AOL). They have a very interesting system once you qualify for a survey you are able to do it from beginning to the end without worrying that you will be booted off during the survey. Also, there is some limitations on the site, you can ONLY do 2 surveys a week which is not that bad, however I could see why this would bother other people. So you basically cannot do a survey until the 7 days is up. However, one thing I like is that they show you straight up how much money you are going to make for a survey before hand. I have already taken some $4 surveys and received PayPal credit about 3 weeks after taking the survey. It is good and I enjoy it, as I have a PayPal debit card and the extra cash on the sides come in handy.

It was a great month for me, and I look forward to new adventures this month.....bring on May! Hope everyone had a pleasant weekend!

Monday, March 15, 2010

My highest paying survey......$12

Here it is, the highest I have ever made for one individual survey, a whopping $12. Four Surveys normally equal $12 so it just goes to show you how varied each and every survey that you take are.

This survey that I took however, was an IT related survey and 95% of the people that take this survey probably would not have qualified for it. Lucky I am in the IT field, and it asked about things such as Servers, and application software, lucky I have an idea of those things. The purpose of this post is really to showcase how far surveys have come. When surveys first started showing up on the internet you were not getting more the $1 or $2 for them. Now there are surveys that pay as much as $20 though I have never run into them.

Companies need feedback on what users think about there products, and that is where we come in. We are the ones who will not only lead the future of the products but are the ones who will shape how products are made for a very long time to come. This is why folks it is important to fill out your "profiles" on survey sites, as that tells these companies that offer surveys what you own and what kind of surveys will be in your best interest. If you DO NOT do the profiles you will never receive even one survey. If you look at the image you will see some surveys that credited for 20 cents. These are indeed not surveys, but actually profiles that they give you some money for you to take your time and complete.

If you haven't figured it out yet this site is Surveyhead, and that's the sites interface, as you can clearly see I have already passed $130 on there alone. Of course at Opinion Outpost I am already past the $130 mark. For Valued Opinions I am at the $140 mark. If Surveyhead's surveys did not pend so long I would have already passed $200, but that is a weird choice that they made that is still beyond me. Hope you enjoyed this minor description on how important surveys are both to you and me, and how we will shape the future because of it.

I hope everyone had a great weekend Spring Break for many right now, enjoy it!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

$50 more in gift certificates for February! Looking back at the month of February

Hooray! I got $30 from Opinion Outpost, and $20 from Valued Opinions to wrap up the month of February. Not bad, not bad, that means for the month I ended up with $95, which is still OK. This was a short month anyway, and IMReportCard calling it quits also made me lose $20 for this month. Overall, i can't complain. Remember, I think people need to know this, and I will start mentioning it on every post, but in order to get surveys at Opinion Outpost, YOU NEED to do the profiles, as profiles are about you, and let the company know what kind of surveys to send you based on things that you use/like. They do take long to do either, If you do not do the profiles, at all you will NOT get any surveys, this is something that people I know have asked so i figured I would address it.

Cashcrate, I will receive a $25 check this month! I passed the $20 mark, and will be getting the check this month. Very exciting, I will see if I can get anymore this coming month! I love making money at Cashcrate, because the amount can be big or little as long as you put the time and effort into it! I recently took a survey at Surveyhead, and got a WHOPPING $12. That is the most I have ever made for ONE individual survey. Though I assume most people would have a hard time qualifying for the survey as it was an IT related survey. Anyway, it was a good month there is one important thing that everyone should know I have officially joined a new site, the website is called Opinion Place and it is owned by AOL. It a great service, as they are the only site I have run across where you can get money for any survey taken via paypal. You do have to wait up to 4 weeks, however that is fine considering you can get paid from paypal for every survey that is taken and do not have to wait till you reach a cash out amount ( Like Valued Opinions and Surveyhead). I got $5 from them so far and have a receipt of it, once I receive payments I will post about it here.

I hope everyone had a good month, it was pretty cold eh?

Monday, February 22, 2010

BREAKING NEWS - IMReportCard no longer paying cash

This really caught me off guard, i got this email a half an hour ago and am surprised here is exactly what is says:


I want to call your intention to a very important update at IM Report Card that took effect moments ago.

When IMRC launched last year, we really needed as many people as possible to participate so the site could get enough reviews, comments, and grades to be useful and meaningful. So we devised the credit system as a method to incentivize people to come to IMRC and use it. As you know, we also allowed people to "cash out" their credits for cold hard paypal cash.

Today we are revising the credit-based incentive system. You can no longer cash out your credits for cash. Unfortunately, we just had too much fraud when cash was involved.

Instead, you will be able to earn status icons based on your credits earned, and will be able to use your credits as virtual currency to purchase some selected internet marketing materials, or gain access to certain internet marketing sites that you would normally have to pay to access. We're still working on rolling out this revised system so there are no other details to share right now.

Rest assured, those hard-earned credits will still have value.

In addition, we've also added a new free eBook on the homepage to encourage people to become members. All current members like yourself can download the ebook from the IMRC homepage simply by entering your name and the email address that received this email. You should be able to click a link to download that eBook immediately if you are logged in.

We really appreciate your continued participation as a member of the IMRC community and hope you continue to use the site often. The information and accuracy of the comments is going to get better and better by eliminating the cash incentive, so the site should provide even greater value to you going forward."

Feel free to email us at

All the best,


Yep, so there you have it a points based system and only there own rewards for doing the work. I understand that people were cheating the system, but i though this was a pretty bad move. Most of the people I know who go to IMReportCard do it for the cash pretty much. I think what they should have done was maybe just get rid of there referral system (Which they actually ALREADY did a couple of weeks ago) . What also sucks about it is IMreportcard told NO one that they were going to even be doing that. So looks like I lost some money online, hardly a big deal I will find another way to pick it up, i am doing pretty good on Cashcrate and plan to keep pushing it as hard as I can, what do you guys think about this?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day, and $45 in Free Money!

Great news, $45 has been made so far and now on Valentines day, though there is a lot more then where that came from. I made $20 from GreenbackStreet in rebates/cash back and $25 from Surveyhead! GreenbackStreet is a great site and I recommend all who shop online. They give you a cashback/rebate for everyday purchases, it is something like Bing cash. Go find a store that you want to shop from on GreenbackStreet (Target, best Buy, Office Depot, Vistaprint, etc.) , then click on the store from GreenbackStreet, it will automatically forward you to that site, buy something, and voila!

In little to no time you will get an email thanking you for your purchase, and that amount will be on the pending section for some time. Once that pending time ends, you can request funds via Paypal or check! It's really that simple! They also have a referral system that will pay you 50% of what your referral gets! It is a great site and if you are going to shop at these places anyway, why not get cash back doing it? Yeah, so on a side note i got the gift card from Surveyhead, and will probably get another one by the end of the month or early next month.

I hope everyone is having a great day, today is Valentines day, spend time with those that you love!