Tuesday, March 2, 2010

$50 more in gift certificates for February! Looking back at the month of February

Hooray! I got $30 from Opinion Outpost, and $20 from Valued Opinions to wrap up the month of February. Not bad, not bad, that means for the month I ended up with $95, which is still OK. This was a short month anyway, and IMReportCard calling it quits also made me lose $20 for this month. Overall, i can't complain. Remember, I think people need to know this, and I will start mentioning it on every post, but in order to get surveys at Opinion Outpost, YOU NEED to do the profiles, as profiles are about you, and let the company know what kind of surveys to send you based on things that you use/like. They do take long to do either, If you do not do the profiles, at all you will NOT get any surveys, this is something that people I know have asked so i figured I would address it.

Cashcrate, I will receive a $25 check this month! I passed the $20 mark, and will be getting the check this month. Very exciting, I will see if I can get anymore this coming month! I love making money at Cashcrate, because the amount can be big or little as long as you put the time and effort into it! I recently took a survey at Surveyhead, and got a WHOPPING $12. That is the most I have ever made for ONE individual survey. Though I assume most people would have a hard time qualifying for the survey as it was an IT related survey. Anyway, it was a good month there is one important thing that everyone should know I have officially joined a new site, the website is called Opinion Place and it is owned by AOL. It a great service, as they are the only site I have run across where you can get money for any survey taken via paypal. You do have to wait up to 4 weeks, however that is fine considering you can get paid from paypal for every survey that is taken and do not have to wait till you reach a cash out amount ( Like Valued Opinions and Surveyhead). I got $5 from them so far and have a receipt of it, once I receive payments I will post about it here.

I hope everyone had a good month, it was pretty cold eh?


  1. 從未遭遇失敗的人,對自己或是別人,都是一知半解的。........................................

  2. I agree, but the failures of anyone can turn to success with hard work!