Sunday, November 29, 2009

$10 Reached on IMReport Card

Well that didn't take too long. I haven't really spent a lot of time here, but i realize that is my fault more then anything. I was so preoccupied making money with surveys at SurveyHead, and Opinion Oupost that i haven't really gotten around to a great marketing website such as IMreport Card.

IMReport Card is an easy way to make money you basically read people's reviews of a site, rate their reviews, rate the site a letter grade, and rate the information posted about that website. All of this give you "points" that once added to 2000 you receive $20 via Paypal. That is another one of the reasons i love this site. This is one of the only sites, that actually offers a Paypal option from the minute you register. Most sites in order to get Paypal you have to reach a certain goal or be on there for a certain amount of time. It is a great site though everyone can check it out, the amount made her is up to the work you put in, but if you put in the work this will pay off itself.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Opinion Outpost $50 Gift card OH YEAH!!!

WOW, exactly 1 month after getting a $30 Gift card I now have received a whopping $50 gift card from Opinion Outpost!

I have already used it for Black Friday, and bought some nice things(Mainly Video games) It was awesome i was able to buy some movies and get games with the because of the great deals Amazon had. I didn't even have to leave my own home which was great. I already have nearly $7 posted already despite taking this $50. This website, is like the god send of survey sites. You take the surveys they confirm right away, and you get your money for the surveys RIGHT AWAY. Opinion Outpost is awesome, enough said.

Hope everyone is having a great saturday, and i hope all of you enjoyed Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Yep, Green Back Street Really Is Legit!

I knew it. All of the reviews I read at the amazing IMReportCard are legit. I knew from the beginning though that this site was the real deal.

Right now at GreenBackStreet I have $10 in my account with only $5 more i will be able to cash out via paypal! It works like this, as explained before. You sign up at GreenBackStreet, then look at sites that you normally shop at. Go to them, then click on those sites through GreenBackStreet. When you do that, it sends you to the site that you normally shop at using a linking tool, so whatever you buy on the site that you go to, the % of cash back will be in your account after you make your purchase. It's that simple! I had a $100 purchase and it gave me the $10 back. I am really pleased because i know i will cross that payout time really soon.

I hope everyone is having a great day and have a HAPPY Thanksgiving everyone!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Yay! SurveyHead $25 Gift Card Has Arrived!

Yea! I got mine today. I am saving all of my Amazon Gift Cards, for Black Friday which is coming really soon. I JUST requested another $20 (via Paypal this time) so making bucks on SurveyHead is pretty damn fast. To date, I have made over $60 which is insane for a little over a month. That makes this one of the nicest websites to do surveys out there. I still say Opinion Outpost is the best, because of the fact the money confirms RIGHT away and you get paid Right away as well. With SurveyHead when you do the surveys, you have to wait 2 weeks for it to confirm in your account PLUS almost another 4 weeks to when you request payment. I probably wont get my requested $20 paypal payment before Black Friday.

That's my only beef, is that SurveyHead took 3 weeks to send it but hey i received it right?

I hope everyone is having a nice day :)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Green Back Street is Awesome!

Hey guys, great news I have joined GreenBackStreet and it is awesome! Essentially what it is they are a website, that when you buy things that you would normally buy online (Best Buy, Target, Walmart, J&R, etc) they give you cash back! Basically it works simple you login, look for a store you want to shop at then it will redirect you to that site, when you make your purchase GreenBackStreet will know how much you spent and give you the cash back.

I used it already and my cash back should come soon. It is interesting the way they give you cash back, you can also take your cash out by using Paypal or requesting a check. There is a minimum of $15 to get money back, but for me that is nothing with all the online shopping that i do on a regular basis. best of all.........It is FREE to join! Yes that's right you don't have to pay anything. There is an updated membership that you can get if you like, and if you decide to take it the cash back percentage that they offer DOUBLES. so instead of 3.6%(Example) cash back you get 7.2%.

I will seriously consider the updated membership, not sure if i'm willing to jump in that fast though. But i know for certain that this site is legit. This is basically a rival to sites like inbox dollars but it is better. The interface is better and the cash back is better. This is something i think i will use on a daily basis from now on, and you will hear A LOT from me about this in the upcoming weeks as i get to that $15 cash out.

I hope everyone is having a good day. =)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

One Month has reached.....

Well its here one month is done! I am very pleased so far, in Money PAID i have received $105 already! The first was $50 from Michael Hill and his College Survey Panel. The second was $30 Gift Card from Opinion Outpost the third was $25 from Survey Head(I am about to receive the card any day now) . Opinion has really pleased me though i am ALREADY at $15 after just cashing out $30 a week ago. That means i made about $15 in a week, the fastest i have taken to make that much on one site.

Now on my thoughts, this month is looking good i have $50(!) pending on Survey Head but they take a while to confirm anything. 2-6 weeks to confirm a survey as opposed to Opinion Outpost's instant money from taking a survey. Recently i had some people telling me that they were not getting surveys from Opinion Outpost, the reason why is you NEED to do the profile surveys!! That's where they get to know you, and know what types of surveys to send you it is extremely important to do that if you are joining. Once you do it you will be flying.

On a side note i joined a website known as Global Test Market and will be going more in depth about them very soon.

Now on to the second month!