Monday, September 27, 2010

Looking back at a surprising August

Looking back at August, I was on vacation in South America for a week, and had a blast! What an amazing vacation. This is why the August month had a little dip, its no biggie as the $55 visa prepaid card more then made up for it!

I got $55 prepaid gift card from good ol Opinion Outpost, which had a special survey that you had to do daily for a couple of weeks. I took these surveys, a while ago since back in June, however I had to wait 4 weeks for it to ship so that's why I received it so late. Unfortunately I cannot get into details about exactly what it was because almost all of these special surveys you cannot discuss the content with anyone else. Well anyway, thanks to Opinion Outpost, I also made $30 from them this past month. I got $40 from Valued Opinions and I am getting a ton of surveys from them these days which is good. To wrap it up I got a $50 check from Global Test Market. That makes $175 for August which is great! Also, I cashed out for the FINAL TIME on Surveyhead. As I said the last time, they are going to the dogs and I am no longer going to be using them to take surveys.

September has been a little slow but it still looks like it will end with a bang. Christmas is approaching before we know it, here's hoping all the free money will make this a great Christmas to remember, take care!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Another Look back at a great July! Another record breaking month!

Yes, I know I am late again. However great news, I have made for this month, $190! The amount varies all the time, but its great to see i'm headed upward overall.

So much has changed since the last time, you may be thinking where is August, and I will have to make the time to post that as well, I did not realize with my busy schedule that I would have been a whole month behind!

So some things have changed, let me explain. As you know I joined some new survey panels and am close to checking out money for the first time here in September. One of those sites is E-poll surveys they send surveys slow, but there surveys are mostly about media. They also have a variety of ways they pay, both PayPal and Amazon gift cards, my two favorite ways to take money =D

So yes, lets break the money down this month shall we? You have a WHOPPING $100 at Opinion Outpost, $40at Valued Opinions, $25 from Lightspeed Research Panel (Thats is the one from, and $25 from Surveyhead. I am officially after this month done with Surveyhead, they are a pain in the ass, and have become one of the worst survey panels I have joined. It take like a month to two month to confirm your survey and then 4 weeks (why so long) for them to send you the Amazon Gift card via PayPal, such a shame. If they really wanted, they could easily be one of the best survey panels out there. So it gets a big STAY AWAY from me until they get their act together.

Thats about it for this month, will make a post soon about the month of August, take care!