Monday, October 26, 2009

I caved in, Took Opinion Outpost $30 Gift Card

Yeah, i know i don't regret it though, as stated before i hit $32.70 and decided to cash out the $30 i made. I am waiting to get some money from survey head, before i make my Amazon Purchase.

Whatever i buy, will be posted here(With pics :D ). I am EXTREMELY pleased with Opinion Outpost at how fast it took to get my gift card. I literally got it in only 15 seconds, that was stunning to me. I checked and it worked so i am definitely pleased.

Anyways, that is all i hope everyone is have a nice day :)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Holy Cow, I'm flying on Opinion Outpost

Great news! I hit $32.70 on Opinion outpost!!! I could have cashed out since a measley $5(They have really lowered there cash out amount) I am stunned at how awesome this site is now. At he beginning i was making like $5 a week recently it's more like $5 a day, i seriously get survey emails from them everyday!

No one else i am doing surveys with, sends me emails as much as they have. Also there survey values have gone up a lot. At first they were only Paying between $1 - $2, now they are paying as much $5.....and the money confirms in your account right away!!!

At first i said to myself that Survey Head was a better choice, but the fact that you have to wait as much as 4 weeks for some of the surveys to finish pending in your account was driving me nuts. I actually hit $30 with them and have like $30 pending!! That means i made $60 with them in roughly a month....Not bad!! My next post will be dedicated to Survey Head, until then folks stay safe!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Yippey! $50 Amazon Gift Card Recieved!

Hooray! Yes i did it, i received my first compensation for survey's a $50 gift card for taking a survey about my current University. It consisted of 3 surveys every week and i did them all when i recieved them. The proof is as shown, as I've stated many times before, money online is real you just have to work for it and give the initiative!

I already purchased what i wanted on Amazon. I will probably post pictures up, i bought some Meguiars stuff for my car. A rechargeable battery charger,(My old one broke) and a Steel Series Mouse pad(Gaming mouse pads are awesome). They were all already shipped(Amazon is always lightning fast with that). So i am happy, i hope everyone is having a nice day!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wohoo! Opinion Outpost Amazon Gift Card Options AND Prepaid Visa Cards

Well i just got an email from Opinion Outpost stating the following:

"I want to share some exciting news about our up-coming reward options. Our popular Opinion Points program will not change (10 points per dollar) - however, you will now have more options for cashing out your rewards faster and easier than before.
  1. Soon you will have the choice to redeem the full cash value of your Opinion Points for gift codes. The best aspect of this incentive is that you will receive your gift code instantly on screen and by email*.
  2. Before the end of 2009 you will also be able to redeem your Opinion Points for a Citi prepaid debit card. You can either receive a virtual debit card or choose to have a physical card** mailed to you."
This is great news, on the bad side though there is no longer going to be a check options after next year. It doesn't matter though, apparently they took 4-6 weeks to send the checks which is ridiculously long. I love both options. Two things i can really enjoy, I LOVE Amazon, and prepaid Visa cards to spend anywhere is also exciting.

On a side note, I reached $12.50 on Opinion Outpost. I am not ready to cash out as of yet though. I will probably wait for $20 or $25, and then take the Amazon card.

I hope everyone is having a great day.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

CashCrate....The Easiest Way To Make Money Online!

Wow, CashCrate is great! This is probably one of the best ways to make money online, out of everything i posted.

I have made $20 in only 3 days!!(Though half of the money is pending.) They way it works is really simple, basically you join, and then there are certain "offers" that you can do.

For example if you join a website,(Just join) they will give you between, .25 to .50 cents to do so. There are also some offers that pay some MEGA money as much as $50. Those ones are not that hard to do either, for example most of the ones that are paying the big money, are credit card companies. They pay you just to apply for a credit card(Mastercard, Visa ,etc) and get approved. That is all! If i had known about this prior, this is the way i would have gotten my credit cards, it would have given me an incentive as well. I mean that much money just to apply and use something that you are gonna use anyway, is great.

They explain how the offer should be done, once you do it, and you submit that you took that offer and were approved BAM, the amount pops into your CashCrate account before you know it!

There are other mid ranged offers as well. For example, trying Video Professor and having them send the CD's to you for your free trial can net you an easy $20 from CashCrate.

Well good luck to all who tries this, but just know, that this is the number one way to make money online that i have found out about. If you have any questions about this as well, ASK!

IM Report Card, A Great New Way To Make Money!

Just like the above says, IMReportCard is a legitimate money making site. The purpose of this site is to hear your experience about making money online, whether you were scammed or had great luck, this site wants to hear about it.

They basically collect your reviews and comments, and rewards you via a "point system". Once you reach 2000 points you are good. There are MANY different ways to get points here. Grading a site a letter grade gets you points, rating someones comments gets you points, being the first to review a site gets you bonus points, etc.

Its pretty easy, I'm not far from cashing out i'm at around 1500 points. Once i get to 2,000 i will let all of you know. Yes, but join, you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain(Wait a second that sounds like one of those commercials doesn't it :p).

If any of you join ANY of these sites i'm posting about, and have any questions feel free to ask i will take my time and give you a helping hand.

Opinion Outpost Is Great and Legit!

Yes, Opinion Outpost is an awesome site.

Funny, just today when i decided to post about this site they NOW started adding a gift card option whereas previously it was check only.

Here is how this site works,(Simple) You join, put in info about yourself, like your interests, hobbies, gadgets, etc. After a short period of time(Like 24 hours) They will email you a survey you complete it and BAM $1-$3 is in your outpost account.

When you reach $5(The Cash Out amount) you can either request a check, or ask for an Amazon gift card.(As stated that option was added today) I currently have $8.50 in my account(In only a week) but am waiting till i get to about $20 before requesting the amazon Gift Card.

My last Survey gave me a WHOPPING $4 and it was only about 15-20 minutes, not bad. Also, the Amazon gift card option, they are stating it is instant, once you tell them how much you want they email it to you right away. Whereas a check take 4-6 weeks(Though people state they recieved it in as little as 2 weeks).

More choices are always a good thing, well anyway....JOIN NOW!

Objective Of Site

Wow, i was so excited on starting up the blog, I didn't really get down to the true objective of the site.

This site isn't just about making money online, this site is about making money online without paying ANYTHING. You have to be careful of those pay to join sites. There is a saying online, they say "if you have to pay, it's a scam!"

None of the sites i will be showing/discussing, require any money to join and are 100% Free.

I will try to post on this blog everyday, to give you an impression of everything that is going on. I will also be showing all of you when i get my payments/get my checks so people can see that it is legitimate. Stay tuned for my next post which has some valuable information. Take care!

Money online Begins, October 1st 2009

Wow, my fist post who would have thought? Well ladies and gentleman, this site is about making money online LEGITIMATELY.

Yes, believe it or not it is true and not a scam like everyone else seems to make you think. If you work hard and put the effort, any thing can come your way. I have learned that growing up. Sometimes reaching for the stars is closer then you think. Throughout this blog, i will discuss how to make money at home, at work, at anywhere! what paths to take and both fake AND Legitimate sites.

Stay Tuned because this site is going to be the next best money making thing on the blogosphere!