Thursday, October 1, 2009

CashCrate....The Easiest Way To Make Money Online!

Wow, CashCrate is great! This is probably one of the best ways to make money online, out of everything i posted.

I have made $20 in only 3 days!!(Though half of the money is pending.) They way it works is really simple, basically you join, and then there are certain "offers" that you can do.

For example if you join a website,(Just join) they will give you between, .25 to .50 cents to do so. There are also some offers that pay some MEGA money as much as $50. Those ones are not that hard to do either, for example most of the ones that are paying the big money, are credit card companies. They pay you just to apply for a credit card(Mastercard, Visa ,etc) and get approved. That is all! If i had known about this prior, this is the way i would have gotten my credit cards, it would have given me an incentive as well. I mean that much money just to apply and use something that you are gonna use anyway, is great.

They explain how the offer should be done, once you do it, and you submit that you took that offer and were approved BAM, the amount pops into your CashCrate account before you know it!

There are other mid ranged offers as well. For example, trying Video Professor and having them send the CD's to you for your free trial can net you an easy $20 from CashCrate.

Well good luck to all who tries this, but just know, that this is the number one way to make money online that i have found out about. If you have any questions about this as well, ASK!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog, you have a great start here to yours as well! Keep up the good work and work hard at it, and you can achieve anything! :)

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  3. .................Huh? How did you know this was my blog? Wait wait wait, i should have mentioned this, I just figured it out, OK, it is me RAJ i am Red_Dragon. Heh i should have mentioned that when i left that comment :p

    Lol, it doesn't matter thanks a lot! I plan on pushing myself to the fullest i also wish you the best of luck on your patronage :)