Thursday, October 1, 2009

Opinion Outpost Is Great and Legit!

Yes, Opinion Outpost is an awesome site.

Funny, just today when i decided to post about this site they NOW started adding a gift card option whereas previously it was check only.

Here is how this site works,(Simple) You join, put in info about yourself, like your interests, hobbies, gadgets, etc. After a short period of time(Like 24 hours) They will email you a survey you complete it and BAM $1-$3 is in your outpost account.

When you reach $5(The Cash Out amount) you can either request a check, or ask for an Amazon gift card.(As stated that option was added today) I currently have $8.50 in my account(In only a week) but am waiting till i get to about $20 before requesting the amazon Gift Card.

My last Survey gave me a WHOPPING $4 and it was only about 15-20 minutes, not bad. Also, the Amazon gift card option, they are stating it is instant, once you tell them how much you want they email it to you right away. Whereas a check take 4-6 weeks(Though people state they recieved it in as little as 2 weeks).

More choices are always a good thing, well anyway....JOIN NOW!

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