Thursday, October 1, 2009

IM Report Card, A Great New Way To Make Money!

Just like the above says, IMReportCard is a legitimate money making site. The purpose of this site is to hear your experience about making money online, whether you were scammed or had great luck, this site wants to hear about it.

They basically collect your reviews and comments, and rewards you via a "point system". Once you reach 2000 points you are good. There are MANY different ways to get points here. Grading a site a letter grade gets you points, rating someones comments gets you points, being the first to review a site gets you bonus points, etc.

Its pretty easy, I'm not far from cashing out i'm at around 1500 points. Once i get to 2,000 i will let all of you know. Yes, but join, you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain(Wait a second that sounds like one of those commercials doesn't it :p).

If any of you join ANY of these sites i'm posting about, and have any questions feel free to ask i will take my time and give you a helping hand.

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