Monday, February 22, 2010

BREAKING NEWS - IMReportCard no longer paying cash

This really caught me off guard, i got this email a half an hour ago and am surprised here is exactly what is says:


I want to call your intention to a very important update at IM Report Card that took effect moments ago.

When IMRC launched last year, we really needed as many people as possible to participate so the site could get enough reviews, comments, and grades to be useful and meaningful. So we devised the credit system as a method to incentivize people to come to IMRC and use it. As you know, we also allowed people to "cash out" their credits for cold hard paypal cash.

Today we are revising the credit-based incentive system. You can no longer cash out your credits for cash. Unfortunately, we just had too much fraud when cash was involved.

Instead, you will be able to earn status icons based on your credits earned, and will be able to use your credits as virtual currency to purchase some selected internet marketing materials, or gain access to certain internet marketing sites that you would normally have to pay to access. We're still working on rolling out this revised system so there are no other details to share right now.

Rest assured, those hard-earned credits will still have value.

In addition, we've also added a new free eBook on the homepage to encourage people to become members. All current members like yourself can download the ebook from the IMRC homepage simply by entering your name and the email address that received this email. You should be able to click a link to download that eBook immediately if you are logged in.

We really appreciate your continued participation as a member of the IMRC community and hope you continue to use the site often. The information and accuracy of the comments is going to get better and better by eliminating the cash incentive, so the site should provide even greater value to you going forward."

Feel free to email us at

All the best,


Yep, so there you have it a points based system and only there own rewards for doing the work. I understand that people were cheating the system, but i though this was a pretty bad move. Most of the people I know who go to IMReportCard do it for the cash pretty much. I think what they should have done was maybe just get rid of there referral system (Which they actually ALREADY did a couple of weeks ago) . What also sucks about it is IMreportcard told NO one that they were going to even be doing that. So looks like I lost some money online, hardly a big deal I will find another way to pick it up, i am doing pretty good on Cashcrate and plan to keep pushing it as hard as I can, what do you guys think about this?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day, and $45 in Free Money!

Great news, $45 has been made so far and now on Valentines day, though there is a lot more then where that came from. I made $20 from GreenbackStreet in rebates/cash back and $25 from Surveyhead! GreenbackStreet is a great site and I recommend all who shop online. They give you a cashback/rebate for everyday purchases, it is something like Bing cash. Go find a store that you want to shop from on GreenbackStreet (Target, best Buy, Office Depot, Vistaprint, etc.) , then click on the store from GreenbackStreet, it will automatically forward you to that site, buy something, and voila!

In little to no time you will get an email thanking you for your purchase, and that amount will be on the pending section for some time. Once that pending time ends, you can request funds via Paypal or check! It's really that simple! They also have a referral system that will pay you 50% of what your referral gets! It is a great site and if you are going to shop at these places anyway, why not get cash back doing it? Yeah, so on a side note i got the gift card from Surveyhead, and will probably get another one by the end of the month or early next month.

I hope everyone is having a great day, today is Valentines day, spend time with those that you love!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Looking Back At Record Breaking January

Well, I hope I am not jinxing it with all this record breaking talk. Well lets recap January shall we? My post on January 15th capped a whopping $80, from Opinion Outpost, Surveyhead, and Valued Opinions. That was the followed up by my most recent post about the $50 gained at the end of the month, or the last week of January. The total comes to...........$130! That's the most ever! Hopefully this month of February will follow that tradition and slightly increase every month. I was suppose to actually get $150 this month, but my Paypal payment from GreenBackStreet which gives rebates on everyday online purchases, did not arrive yet. I should be getting that one very very soon, along with one from Surveyhead which I requested about two weeks ago ($25 Amazon Gift Card).

Its really been a bang to start off this new year. That's why I am going to say my New Years goal, is to reach $500 a month by the end of the year! Yes, that sounds like a lot but it is very possible with places like CashCrate, and GreenBackStreet, and all the survey sites I talk about on a day to day basis. They both give rebates for purchases, but with CashCrate it is more about GPT (Get Paid To) Where you fill out offer forms and get paid for them. Its a very simple process, but it is very effective.

I hope everyone is having a good day, and remember keep your head up!

Nice way to round off the best month.....With $50 in Gift Cards!

Awesome, the month came to a record breaking close. In the last week of January I received two MORE gift cards, a $20 gift card from valued opinions, and a $30 gift card from the one and only Opinion Outpost.

To make matters even better, closing off the month I already have $5 from Opinion Outpost and $10 pending at valued opinions! Plusl, my Surveyhead gift card will be coming any day now, and I already have more then $25 pending, so that's another guaranteed $25 coming in Amazon gift cards! It's too bad with Surveyhead you have to wait up to 4 weeks to receive a gift card, or they would have been as good as opinion outpost, and Valued Opinions. Great month, look at my next post to close out the month of January and look to a bright February!

I hope everyone enjoyed there first month of the New Year!