Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Nice way to round off the best month.....With $50 in Gift Cards!

Awesome, the month came to a record breaking close. In the last week of January I received two MORE gift cards, a $20 gift card from valued opinions, and a $30 gift card from the one and only Opinion Outpost.

To make matters even better, closing off the month I already have $5 from Opinion Outpost and $10 pending at valued opinions! Plusl, my Surveyhead gift card will be coming any day now, and I already have more then $25 pending, so that's another guaranteed $25 coming in Amazon gift cards! It's too bad with Surveyhead you have to wait up to 4 weeks to receive a gift card, or they would have been as good as opinion outpost, and Valued Opinions. Great month, look at my next post to close out the month of January and look to a bright February!

I hope everyone enjoyed there first month of the New Year!

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