Friday, January 15, 2010

Record Breaking Gift Cards For January, Follow Me On Twitter!

Wow, i hope i am not jinxing it but this has been a RECORD month for how fast and early in the month i have received money. Normally i get it in a second half, but with all those pending surveys from last month confirming a stack was to be expected. The three sites are $35 from Opinion Outpost, $25 for Survey Head, and $20 from Valued Opinions. This adds up to a WHOPPING $80 in Amazon Gift Cards! How awesome is that in such little time?

To make matters even better, i just requested another $25 for Surveyhead so if i receive it again this month, that would mean that this will easily be my best month ever!

Right now for pending amounts i have $20 cash rebate from GreenBackStreet that i am waiting for and i should receive it this month. My outlook on the other sites is on Cashcrate I have $11 racked up for the month, on IMReportCard i have $7 already, so those should all go through next month when i reach payout.

Definitely a GREAT way to start out the year don't you think? I hope everyone is having a nice weekend. Oh.....One last thing! Follow me now on Twitter guys, I will mention whenever i cash out and also talk about new sites that i find where you can make money free online!

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