Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy New Year! A Look back at December

December....What a great month it was! While in earnings I didn't break any records, in amount pending i surely am. I have a record breaking amount of money pending and you will see the proof up here when i get them.

I made $107 For the Month of December. With the way it is is looking here in January....I will Surpass $150! I already have received payments from both Valued Opinions and Survey Head for the month of January, so color me impressed.

I received this $25 certificate from CashCrate with the reward points I have gained from the site! They have money that you make from Cash back/Offers completed and the more you get the more points you can get that you use for a gift card! The is why CashCrate is awesome. You get cash and alternate points for Gift cards/certificates! I have bought some nice things in the past couple of months from Amazon. I recently became a Amazon PRIME Member, and get 2 day shipping for free! It is worth it with all the gift cards that i get. I have already spent the money made last month and bought me a neat Hori Arcade Stick.

I hope all of you had a GREAT New Years. Lets make this New Year one for both me AND you to remember. Good luck in 2010!

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