Monday, December 28, 2009

Cashcrate check has arrived!! $22.00 check!

Awesome! I knew Cashcrate was a legitimate site way before hand, but i didn't realize that they are so quick in there payments. It took me only one week to receive this check, and i have to say from an earning potential standpoint, this site is up there with pretty much anything!

I knew Cashcrate was a great way to make money, but i didnt realize until i started searching around about it and reading there forums when i started realizing that there were members that were making up to *GASP* $2,000 a month or so! That is pretty amazing compared to the $50 i make from these survey sites but you have to put in a TON of effort if you ever want to make it to that much money. You also would have to get 1000+ referrals to ever make it there i on the flip side barely even have 10. :p

The fact that Cashcrate is free helps every little bit! To give a run down again on what this site does is they are known as a GPT (Get paid to). GPT sites as the name implies, you have to do things such as register on a sites (Which is pretty fast), Take quick surveys (Like 2 minutes or less), download apps (Like facebook and myspace apps), etc. When you do all of these things, you make between 25 cents to 2 dollars. Once you keep doing all these different offers, the amount starts to add up, it takes them pretty fast as well to confirm what you have done. When you pass $20 for the month (As long as you get pass that, by the last day of the month) they will mail you your check for whatever you earned! You receive it fast as well like i did.

As you can see its a pretty simple steps that can be taken. I will try to focus more on Cashcrate as time goes by, if anyone has any questions about it feel free to ask! I hope EVERYONE had a great Holiday!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

$60 Made Valued Opinions, IMReportCard, and Survey Head

Ok! How is everyone doing? Sorry i have been a little busy as of recently. On a bright note, i have Received $20 from Valued Opinions, IMReportCard, and Survey Head!

It has been good so far. IMReportCard Payment was a huge one, as I worked hard to accumulate the points to reach payout, now it worth it? The answer would be a solid yes. To sit there write reviews, grade sites, grade user comments, etc. and get paid for it is totally worth it. Not to mention if you refer people, and they write reviews and do what you do as well, you make what they make! Plus it being 100% free you have nothing to lose.

As for Valued Opinions they have really impressed me recently they send out surveys like crazy, i am getting them all the time. I almost get at least one survey a day. I am very pleased, as it seems like they came out of the blue and now are just giving me an opportunity all the time. This was my number 3 survey site after SurveyHead but this month has officially changed that with Survey Head becoming my number 3 and this moving up to 2. Not to mention i have like $30 pending right now on valued opinions so i may get payout again this month from valued opinions!

Finally Surveyhead.............Note to those that join Survey Head, DO NOT take Paypal payment, it takes to0 freaking long to get payout. It took them 4 weeks, to confirm that i requested a Paypal payment and then another 3 weeks to deliver it. So 7 weeks for a paypal thank you. The $25 Amazon Gift card (Or other gift cards they offer) is the way to go. Not only do you get $5 more then requesting paypal, but I got my payments in only about 3 weeks. Things are good on Survey Head though with me pending on about $20 worth of survey payments.

I will be re-posting soon as i almost hit $20 on Opinion Outpost. I hope everyone is having a great holiday!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Month Two is Finished a Look Back

Ok, lets look back at November Shall we? $55 for Opinion Outpost, $25 from SurveyHead, $20 Via Paypal from SurveyHead (On it's way), and $23.00 Check from CashCrate (Is in the mail, will post about it).

You are looking at $123.00 in payments for the month of November. That doesn't even include That I'm already ready to Cashout on Valued Opinions AND SurveyHead again! Then to top it off, I already have $10 at Green Back Street, only $5 away from cashing out! Next month looks like it will be another gradual increase. As shown the Picture of the $5 i got at the end of the month from Opinion Outpost.

Well I hope all of you had a great November, I know i did. I hope everyone is doing well.