Tuesday, December 22, 2009

$60 Made Valued Opinions, IMReportCard, and Survey Head

Ok! How is everyone doing? Sorry i have been a little busy as of recently. On a bright note, i have Received $20 from Valued Opinions, IMReportCard, and Survey Head!

It has been good so far. IMReportCard Payment was a huge one, as I worked hard to accumulate the points to reach payout, now ....is it worth it? The answer would be a solid yes. To sit there write reviews, grade sites, grade user comments, etc. and get paid for it is totally worth it. Not to mention if you refer people, and they write reviews and do what you do as well, you make what they make! Plus it being 100% free you have nothing to lose.

As for Valued Opinions they have really impressed me recently they send out surveys like crazy, i am getting them all the time. I almost get at least one survey a day. I am very pleased, as it seems like they came out of the blue and now are just giving me an opportunity all the time. This was my number 3 survey site after SurveyHead but this month has officially changed that with Survey Head becoming my number 3 and this moving up to 2. Not to mention i have like $30 pending right now on valued opinions so i may get payout again this month from valued opinions!

Finally Surveyhead.............Note to those that join Survey Head, DO NOT take Paypal payment, it takes to0 freaking long to get payout. It took them 4 weeks, to confirm that i requested a Paypal payment and then another 3 weeks to deliver it. So 7 weeks for a paypal payment....no thank you. The $25 Amazon Gift card (Or other gift cards they offer) is the way to go. Not only do you get $5 more then requesting paypal, but I got my payments in only about 3 weeks. Things are good on Survey Head though with me pending on about $20 worth of survey payments.

I will be re-posting soon as i almost hit $20 on Opinion Outpost. I hope everyone is having a great holiday!!