Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Looking Back At Record Breaking January

Well, I hope I am not jinxing it with all this record breaking talk. Well lets recap January shall we? My post on January 15th capped a whopping $80, from Opinion Outpost, Surveyhead, and Valued Opinions. That was the followed up by my most recent post about the $50 gained at the end of the month, or the last week of January. The total comes to...........$130! That's the most ever! Hopefully this month of February will follow that tradition and slightly increase every month. I was suppose to actually get $150 this month, but my Paypal payment from GreenBackStreet which gives rebates on everyday online purchases, did not arrive yet. I should be getting that one very very soon, along with one from Surveyhead which I requested about two weeks ago ($25 Amazon Gift Card).

Its really been a bang to start off this new year. That's why I am going to say my New Years goal, is to reach $500 a month by the end of the year! Yes, that sounds like a lot but it is very possible with places like CashCrate, and GreenBackStreet, and all the survey sites I talk about on a day to day basis. They both give rebates for purchases, but with CashCrate it is more about GPT (Get Paid To) Where you fill out offer forms and get paid for them. Its a very simple process, but it is very effective.

I hope everyone is having a good day, and remember keep your head up!


  1. Not a problem friend, you are welcome here anytime...