Saturday, October 24, 2009

Holy Cow, I'm flying on Opinion Outpost

Great news! I hit $32.70 on Opinion outpost!!! I could have cashed out since a measley $5(They have really lowered there cash out amount) I am stunned at how awesome this site is now. At he beginning i was making like $5 a week recently it's more like $5 a day, i seriously get survey emails from them everyday!

No one else i am doing surveys with, sends me emails as much as they have. Also there survey values have gone up a lot. At first they were only Paying between $1 - $2, now they are paying as much $5.....and the money confirms in your account right away!!!

At first i said to myself that Survey Head was a better choice, but the fact that you have to wait as much as 4 weeks for some of the surveys to finish pending in your account was driving me nuts. I actually hit $30 with them and have like $30 pending!! That means i made $60 with them in roughly a month....Not bad!! My next post will be dedicated to Survey Head, until then folks stay safe!!

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