Thursday, November 12, 2009

Yay! SurveyHead $25 Gift Card Has Arrived!

Yea! I got mine today. I am saving all of my Amazon Gift Cards, for Black Friday which is coming really soon. I JUST requested another $20 (via Paypal this time) so making bucks on SurveyHead is pretty damn fast. To date, I have made over $60 which is insane for a little over a month. That makes this one of the nicest websites to do surveys out there. I still say Opinion Outpost is the best, because of the fact the money confirms RIGHT away and you get paid Right away as well. With SurveyHead when you do the surveys, you have to wait 2 weeks for it to confirm in your account PLUS almost another 4 weeks to when you request payment. I probably wont get my requested $20 paypal payment before Black Friday.

That's my only beef, is that SurveyHead took 3 weeks to send it but hey i received it right?

I hope everyone is having a nice day :)

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