Wednesday, November 4, 2009

One Month has reached.....

Well its here one month is done! I am very pleased so far, in Money PAID i have received $105 already! The first was $50 from Michael Hill and his College Survey Panel. The second was $30 Gift Card from Opinion Outpost the third was $25 from Survey Head(I am about to receive the card any day now) . Opinion has really pleased me though i am ALREADY at $15 after just cashing out $30 a week ago. That means i made about $15 in a week, the fastest i have taken to make that much on one site.

Now on my thoughts, this month is looking good i have $50(!) pending on Survey Head but they take a while to confirm anything. 2-6 weeks to confirm a survey as opposed to Opinion Outpost's instant money from taking a survey. Recently i had some people telling me that they were not getting surveys from Opinion Outpost, the reason why is you NEED to do the profile surveys!! That's where they get to know you, and know what types of surveys to send you it is extremely important to do that if you are joining. Once you do it you will be flying.

On a side note i joined a website known as Global Test Market and will be going more in depth about them very soon.

Now on to the second month!

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