Monday, July 26, 2010

Looking back the the month of June.....Best month Ever! (IM LATE!)

Wow, Im super duper late this month. This post was suppose to be made since the first of July and because of school, work, and a lot of other things, it ended up taking a lot longer. Wow, so anyway the next month of july is nearly done but this time Im hear to talk of June month only. I did pretty well this month, $160 for June!

So great things have happened this past month. There some bad things of course. I'm thinking now of completely forgetting about Surveyhead it takes way too long to cash out there, and with so many alternatives that are better it makes no sense to put my time and effort there. They are also doing nothing to improve their 4 weeks to receive gift card policy. That is insanely long, for example Lightspeed panel takes only 3-4 days and valued opinions and Opinion Outpost create/generate the code INSTANTLY. So I am about to let them go. This month it was $30 at Opinion Outpost, $50 check form Global test Market, Surveyhead $25, valued opinions $20, and $20 from Lightspeed panel. This was the first time I have ever taken Paypal form Lightspped Panel and was STUNNED it took as fast as it did.

Cashcrate is dead, I haven't had any activity there recently it is STILL a great site, and the amount you can make is really high if you put in the effort into it (as much as $1000 a month for hard workers), but as stated I am so busy that I do not have the time to focus on Cashcrate. Hope everyone had a great June, it's monster hot outside, gotta stay out the sun and if you go out drink lots of water. I'll be back soon with my July look back.

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