Monday, June 7, 2010

Taking a Step forward, but a look back at last Month $141

Wow, I am 7 days late with this post, how has everyone been? :)

Some great news, first of all $141for this month, but guess whats nuts about it? ALL of the money came from Opinion Outpost! I know, that is record breaking the most I ever got from Opinion Outpost in a month was $80 so this smashes the previous record. Remember, if you decide to join Opinion Outpost do all the profiles, or you get no surveys!

So some of you might want to know whats the story with Surveyhead and valuedopinions, the truth? I have no clue myself, For some reason I'm not getting too many surveys (last month) at valued HOWEVER, this month I have already received a ton. SurveyHead, its the same damn problem every month for some reason it takes Jesus years to have the surveys confirm on that site, its starting to tick me off. However i cashed out on the 21st so will receive a gift card very soon. Opinion Place was good this month as well, with $11 in money.

CashCrate has been pretty slow with little to no activity, however as stated before there is no limit to how much money can be made there. Also I have another big announcement, I have joined 4 new sites! Elite Opinions, Epoll, and LightSpeed Survey! Whats nuts is I have ALREADY cashed out on Lightspeed! Really cool site with a easy to use interface, if I had to rate it now it would be second after Opinions Outpost I don't want to get too happy and claim that yet, lets see how the first month will go.

I am also going to let you guys know, I have another important post coming up it will be about items that you get to test on some of these survey sites, and other cool things that I have done on the survey sites outside of just taking surveys, wait for it soon as I am sure you guys will enjoy it. Hope everyone had a great May, its gonna get hot this month (Literally!).

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