Monday, May 3, 2010

Great Month, $131 for April! Looking Back at April

Wow, I do not even get to post as much as I use to. Sorry guys, I have been busy with school and many other things so I have not got a lot of time to post like I use to however this was a great month!
$131 is not a bad way to go, $20 from Valued Opinions, and Opinion Outpost. Then I made $16 this month at Opinion Place, $25 at Survey Head, and the one that really blew up the price was Global Test Market after cashing out my $50 check (finally!). I will note however, I do not really think that Global Test Market is worth the hassle it took me 4 weeks and a hlaf to get my check and it took me about 3 month just to acumlate this month. HOWEVER I am close to cashing out again at Global! But then the same problem happens again, I have to wait 5 weeeks to get the check all over again.
I will be cashing out this month for SURE on Cashcrate, I also won a contest on Cashcrate! For $25! They will be sending me a $25 Amazon Gift card it was a pretty cool thing April was the 4th year anniversary of Cashcrate truly an amazing and generous site!
Lets see, I have more then $50 at Opinion Outpost already! Im not ready to cashout yet though, I am saving up that money for something big that I want to buy (A printer) so I will probably do pretty well at Opinion Oupost this month. Valued Opinions I have more then $15 pending so I should also be cashing out there again as well this month. Survey Head is getting frustrating they are taking TOO long to confirm the surveys (sometimes like more then a month) and its starting to tick me off (kind of unusual for me :p). Opinion Place continues to impress me I LOVE the way they pay via Paypal, soon I am going to start looking around for another Website that pays via Paypal because I have a Paypal debit card (as seen in the pic) and I think its convenient to have that extra cash on hand.
I hope everyone had a great April and was fooled too badly by anyone! Lets make this a great May!